One More Cup Of Palinka For The Work

Good Morning!      This day's routine is a bit different. We can not stand the insistence of our neighbor, and we want to start the day with a coffee break.      These beautiful old couple greeted us with a big smile early in the morning. Maybe I did not visit all the peasant farms... Continue Reading →


Changing season

Hello people! We’re back after a good and busy summer (but we don’t stop!). We have good news from September, we got a new volunteer for City-Village Fusion! Her name is Laura, she’s from Spain and she arrived at the beginning of September, joining us with different projects that were already started, but she also... Continue Reading →

Bye bye summertime!

Hello everybody! How has been your summer holidays? The volunteers have participated in some different events this summer, so they have been busy most of the summertime. The two main activities they have done have been... On the one hand, in July, the Pécs' team, Ana and Kübra, has been during 9 days in the... Continue Reading →

Summer arrives

Hello people! How are all of you? We hope everything goes very well! Let's talk about how this month has been for the volunteers. The first day of June, Kübra and Ana, the Pécs' team, cooked the most popular hungarian dish: Goulash. It was very special for them because they prepared it together and the... Continue Reading →

Working on May

In these last days of May the volunteers, Ana and Kübra, have been making some different jobs. One of those days, they have drawn and painted different designs in new planters and planted various types of flowers. This job is also part from the Green Office project. Another day, they have visited the Néprajzi Múzeum... Continue Reading →

How is Kübra as a volunteer?

Hello everybody! I am coming from Turkey. It's my second time in this country. I like to be in here. I like everyone in assosiation. At first I want to say thank you to everyone for helps and give me a chance as a volunteer in Pecs. The city is lovely but in these days... Continue Reading →

Nothing Special

Pablo, the last volunteer, did a social, artistic and cultural personal project Pablo's project, named Nothing Special, was in favour of disabled people and those with handicaps. Based on the premise that disabled and handicap people are not different from the rest of us but are consider strangers though, this project wanted us to reflect... Continue Reading →

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