May and June Summary

We already left behind first half of our project. As in spring season, we collect some natural flowers and tried to prepare a tasty syrup. We are group of volunteers gathered elder flowers from trees, mixed with sugar and water then put it some bottles and keep it in fridge to be drunk.    ... Continue Reading →


New experiences in Spring!!

Hello everybody!!How is going all? I am Marta, I´m here, learning new things every day. The last two months it was very interesting and entertaining. Spring has arrived and it has brought us; better weather, fields full of flowers and happiness. We decide to go to forest and take some Elderflowers. With this kind of... Continue Reading →

Spring Activities

Sziastok! 🙂 We left behind another excellent month in Ökograf Egyesület co-art center Letra. Our last month is full of creative experiences and kowledge about eco friendly life style. As volunteers we made presentations on environmental pollution and alternative solutions in our countries. Because reducing carbon foot print is our major priority and our responsibility... Continue Reading →

This is just the beginning!!

Szia! Hogy Vagy? I am Marta, I am from Spain and since 3 of March I have been in Ökograf Egyesület doing an European Volunteer Service. I chose to be a European volunteer because I believe that through volunteering you can help others, learn new skills, this experience allows me to be in direct connection... Continue Reading →

Time is Fleeting But Memories are Forever

Sziasztok! I am Özgür from south-east of Turkey. It’s already been 3 months since I started my European Voluntary Services (EVS) project in Ecograf Association in Pecs, looks like time just flies when you are having fun!At the same time, looking back we pick up just particular moments. We usually remember better positive moments and... Continue Reading →

My Little Adventure

Hi There (Sziasztok) I am from turkey. This is my first European experience. We came from Turkey with a volunteer friend. Before I came, I had a lot of questions in my mind. How are the people there? How is my working environment? Will we live together? These were all growing in my head. I... Continue Reading →

Létra Presents!

We left behind a month with our new two volunteers from Turkey.  They brought us new energy by their different project ideas and motivations. Firstly, we organized a orientation day and information meeting for our new volunteers with former volunteers. We've shown Pecs' mesmerized sides by a sightseeing and they had chance to taste some... Continue Reading →

Sweet November

Hello everybody! Sziasztók! We started the month with a new project. It’s about combinate tradition and contemporary so, for this reason Ana, our Spanish volunteer, has designed some traditional motives to print them in modern clothes.   We have also celebrated Ana’s birthday on her 200 day in the project cooking all together. In fact,... Continue Reading →

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