Andrés experience: Inception

Hi! My name is Andrés, I am 29 years old, I´m a building engineer and I will try to tell you my experience as a volunteer in a small town in the South of Hungary.

I arrived here in middle-August with my own car, because I was working in summer in France. It has been a good option because Tésenfa (the village where we live) is quite isolated. France-Hungary trip was quick and intense.

I arrived a week before the project started so I decided to meet the capital, Budapest, going to the Sziget festival with a friend, and meet one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen. Later I went to camping in Balaton Lake, the biggest lake in Hungary and finally finished off my “holidays” in Pécs, a beautiful town with an impressive heritage that is very close to Tésenfa which is next to Szaporca.

From Pecs, I returned to Tésenfa, where I currently reside with a Turkish who teaches Yoga. Here we began to plan projects that we will make during these 8 months, in addition to manage our home.

cocinando-con-derya parque-ornitologico-con-istvan

My main work in this organization is focused in the Bio-construction, although in addition to this I also have been a member organizer of a traditional festival, with important national artists. Our role in this festival was to create an exhibition artistic space in our work place. We have done different kinds of works: placement of old bricks as floor of an old stable (“Pajta” in Hungarian), creation of capitals based plaster, cleaning of all the garden and house, banks of wood for the cinema exhibition, finished a dry ecological bathroom based on wood and clay, and collaborate in the creation of lights projection.

I currently have as main project the realization of an oven with local materials, which we have designed and started to build the foundations.

During my free time I have made a lot of activities. Go fishing and go bird watching (my passion) with a new friend named István, which works in a nearby Bird Park, to cook, travel to Croatia, which is approximately 5 km away from where we live, go to Serbia to another national park, play football and basketball with the local children of the village, etc… I must enjoy now because local people told me that in a short time is possible that the weather changes, and starts to snow.

Well, I hope you enjoy this introduction. If you have any question I will be happy to answer you. Next month more and better info!

Kind regards,



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