Nothing Special

Pablo, the last volunteer, did a social, artistic and cultural personal project

Pablo’s project, named Nothing Special, was in favour of disabled people and those with handicaps. Based on the premise that disabled and handicap people are not different from the rest of us but are consider strangers though, this project wanted us to reflect on how we segregate them probably unintentionally and why we should do an effort to include them in society because they desserve it.

The process for this project was first interviewing in depth some disabled people in the association of Retextil and Fogd a Kezem Alapitvany (which we thank again here) and then use th information provided to create a brief from which the ideas for the aesthetic and content came. Hence, we got diverse artistic styles such as soviet constructivism, Pop art, Vaporwave or Art Brut among others and different topics including sex, parents and religion.

This project concluded Tuesday 21st with its exhibition at Monokrom. Many people came to this event to have a look and learn several things they did not know before about the unconscious segregation done to disabled people. Besides, as each image belonged to one different artistic movement, everybody could find their most suitable image what generated pleasant debates among people.


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