Summer arrives

Hello people!

How are all of you? We hope everything goes very well!

Let’s talk about how this month has been for the volunteers.

The first day of June, Kübra and Ana, the Pécs’ team, cooked the most popular hungarian dish: Goulash. It was very special for them because they prepared it together and the food was delicious.

Another day, Ana and Kübra went to Szaporca and met the other volunteers of this project: Lucía, Nazli and Manuel. All together went to some little villages around Szaporca and took a lot of pictures for a new project. The day was very good because the villages and the people were very nice.

As the title of this post says, the summer is here, so Kübra and Ana went to Harkány’s Thermal Spa and had a great day because they tried all the swimming pools, the jacuzzi and the sauna too. They came back to home very happy and very very relaxed!

And finally, they went to Budapest to participate in the EVS on-arrival training. The experience was very good because they met many volunteers from other countries who are also living in some different hungarian cities. They participated together in a cooking workshop made with ecological products; they went to a concert in M83; and they also took a boat ride and enjoyed the views from Citadella.


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