Time is Fleeting But Memories are Forever


I am Özgür from south-east of Turkey. It’s already been 3 months since I started my European Voluntary Services (EVS) project in Ecograf Association in Pecs, looks like time just flies when you are having fun!At the same time, looking back we pick up just particular moments. We usually remember better positive moments and forget (or hide deep) bad ones. Our memory is quite selective and functions in a very specific way.

As a result of intensive researches and applications, I received an e-mail from the Çanakkale Koza Youth Center, which I followed on the internet, that I was accepted to the short term project after I applied for the announcement of the Ecograf Association organization operating in the city of Pecs, Hungary. I arranged the necessary documents and made a visa application in a short time as a result of the actions of the two institutions coordinators. Immediately after  we took our tickets with my friend who accepted the same project and we came to the city of Pecs in Hungary. In the project I left behind a one month , which is quite huge for me.

Pecs is a colorful and vibrant city on the border of Serbia and Croatia in the south of Hungary. Due to the geographical characteristics and quality of the university, it is one of the most vibrant cities in the region. There are plenty of possibilities you can spend time in day life. In the apartment that the host organization has arranged for volunteers for accommodation, each volunteer has their own private room.

The organization’s main center is called by Letra -the place where make you creative world visible- offers different opportunities for volunteers to develop itself with its different and pleasant activities. In the Letra, there are possibilities to carry out activities such as hand work, art workshop, printing, graphic design, painting and music. In the center, it is suitable for handicrafts with volunteers; accessories, dresses, graphic designs for various prints, plus a local language course that will help us in our daily life. Even though, the harmony and teamwork between employees and volunteers is excellent. We are trying to make some differences by creating and designing.

EVS experience is by itself full of experiences and lessons learnt, good or bad, you always learn something about yourself, others and the world.A small contribution on volunteering can create enormous effects in someone else’s life. Perhaps this contribution is very simple for you because sometimes it is a smile, but it is not for them at all. These beautiful details will return to you as unforgettable memories.


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