Spring Activities

Sziastok! 🙂 We left behind another excellent month in Ökograf Egyesület co-art center Letra. Our last month is full of creative experiences and kowledge about eco friendly life style. As volunteers we made presentations on environmental pollution and alternative solutions in our countries. Because reducing carbon foot print is our major priority and our responsibility... Continue Reading →


Time is Fleeting But Memories are Forever

Sziasztok! I am Özgür from south-east of Turkey. It’s already been 3 months since I started my European Voluntary Services (EVS) project in Ecograf Association in Pecs, looks like time just flies when you are having fun!At the same time, looking back we pick up just particular moments. We usually remember better positive moments and... Continue Reading →

Working on May

In these last days of May the volunteers, Ana and Kübra, have been making some different jobs. One of those days, they have drawn and painted different designs in new planters and planted various types of flowers. This job is also part from the Green Office project. Another day, they have visited the Néprajzi Múzeum... Continue Reading →

Nothing Special

Pablo, the last volunteer, did a social, artistic and cultural personal project Pablo's project, named Nothing Special, was in favour of disabled people and those with handicaps. Based on the premise that disabled and handicap people are not different from the rest of us but are consider strangers though, this project wanted us to reflect... Continue Reading →

What handkerchief?

Rosita and Ezgi, two of the EVS volunteers, presented last Tuesday their personal project named What handkerchief? A project where they made handkerchiefs out of used textiles in order two create ecological handkerchiefs and help to reduce the carbon footprint. For this project, at Ökográf did an exhibition at Monokrom (Király utca 33, Pécs) and... Continue Reading →

Local Values Global Use youth exchange project

Ecograph Association organised the first youth exchange project from 19th June to 4th July in Szaporca. Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian and Bulgarian younsgters came to discover together the traditional building methods and the village life. Due to the project we invited many volunteers and workshopleaders from the local community. The youngsters could learn how to build... Continue Reading →

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