Ana Gema’s first week experience

Sziasztok! I’m Ana Gema and this is my first week in the City Village Fusion project in Pécs, Hungary. In fact, I arrived on 25th of April, almost one week early so, in these days, I have had time to discover the city and the work place: Létra. On the one hand, Pécs is a... Continue Reading →


How is Kübra as a volunteer?

Hello everybody! I am coming from Turkey. It's my second time in this country. I like to be in here. I like everyone in assosiation. At first I want to say thank you to everyone for helps and give me a chance as a volunteer in Pecs. The city is lovely but in these days... Continue Reading →

Nothing Special

Pablo, the last volunteer, did a social, artistic and cultural personal project Pablo's project, named Nothing Special, was in favour of disabled people and those with handicaps. Based on the premise that disabled and handicap people are not different from the rest of us but are consider strangers though, this project wanted us to reflect... Continue Reading →

What handkerchief?

Rosita and Ezgi, two of the EVS volunteers, presented last Tuesday their personal project named What handkerchief? A project where they made handkerchiefs out of used textiles in order two create ecological handkerchiefs and help to reduce the carbon footprint. For this project, at Ökográf did an exhibition at Monokrom (Király utca 33, Pécs) and... Continue Reading →

School Workshops: pop-up book and more

At Ökográf Egyesület we have organized a program from January to December 2017. The first workshop was in Pécs, where the EVS volunteers visited a local school and presented the fairy-tale-pop-up book they had made. This book with the goal of showing the most important aspects of Pécs tells the story of a fox named... Continue Reading →

EVS önkéntesként Észtországban

EVS önkénteskedni szeretnél? Az Ökográf Egyesület EVS küldő szervezetként is tevékenykedik. Ha külföldön szeretnél önkéntesként tevékenykedni 2-12 hónapot, elmúltál 17 éves de nem vagy még 31 keress minket, segítünk! A program Európai Unió Erasmus + programján keresztül valósul meg. Nézd meg, hogy Bánhalmi Zsolt milyen kalandokba keveredik Észtországban, ahol 12 hónapot tölt! Bánhalmi Zsolt beszámolója:... Continue Reading →

TEN, exhibition at Renesound

Hello to everyone! Last Friday we participated in Ten, an exhibition at Renesound. This place is a shared space in the Hattyúház where we work together with some local artist and where we moved after we had to abandon the A Klub. Great environment during the exhibition. The exhibition was a showcase for some yung... Continue Reading →

Workshop at Szaporca

Sziasztok! Hi all! Last Saturday we went to the lovely village of Szaporca to participate in its festivity and we did a workshop there in addition to really enjoyed ourselves. Good weather, great environment and better welcoming was what Szaporca had to offer us and to anyone who went there that day. Our workshop was... Continue Reading →

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